Aisyah's Mom & Dad say, "Parenting is a process..."

Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year 2010

Aisyah is 95 days 'young' today, 31st December 2010. She's progressing well.

Last Monday, on the 27th Dec, Aisyah went for her third shot! All went well, Alhamdulillah.

Let me do some check-up on Aisyah's development.. hmm.. being a 3-months-old baby, she has/ can
  • doubles her birth weight ( born with 3.65, now she is 6.2kg)
  • support her weight on both arms as she lifts her chest and head from the floor. She loves when dad put her on her tummy, she would coo and squeals loud
  • sit up with support (unsupported? takut pula mo cuba, nantila..)
  • follow objects/ people with her eyes (especially mom and dad!)
  • turn her head in the direction of music, people calling her name, noises
  • squeal, gurgle, coo when we talk or sing to her.. She talks a lot! Sometimes, when she sees people talking with each other, she always answer them back excited!  Oh yes, her favorite nursery ryhmes for the time being is 'Genius Aisyah' adapted from 'Simple Simon' ( I just changed the name)
  • blow bubbles and always play with it.( berliur ba,  kdg2 basah bajunya)
  • do mini push-ups
  • rolls-over to her sides (currently she's trying to roll-over form tummy to back)
  • smile and laugh
  • response to touches. Aisyah is one fussy girl, if people carries her from her back by not letting her see their face (trying to fool her la tu konon), she will cry hard if the person  is not mom or dad or people that she is used to! 
  • response to people. She doesn't want to be carried by people she is not used to! She smiles and laughs at them but not carry her! 
Mom and dad find hard times at Kampung Kolapis for Aisyah is not used with her other families there. Aisyah could only stay for few seconds on their arms and then starts crying for mom and dad!

It's a different story when Aisyah at Taman Rimba. She mingles quite well. Mom could leave her long enough to do her chores.

I guess that's all about her progress at the moment that I can think of. Will write more on my next entry!


Mom and Dad

Rashid and I were quite surprise the other day! No need for me to mention it here what happened!

So, we both decided, it is going to be 'Mom and Dad' for us.

I'm sure no more surprises this time..

Who would have thought they would use our 'previous' term when they had their own already... ish! ish!


p.s: sounds better!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two months 'young'

I guess this is Aisyah's official pictures on this blog!

Aisyah turned-up two months 'YOUNG' yesterday!Yiiipiiee.. Alhamdulillah..

Aisyah really looks like her ayah. I say, 'Daddy's girl' ba dia ni..


Aisyah's Aqiqah

There were not many pictures taken on  Aisyah's Aqiqah day last week, 17th November 2010. Both of Aisyah's grand-dad performed the ceremony. Grandpa Hj. Othman lead the ceremony, followed by Grandpa Hj. Ahmad and the rest. It was a huge ceremony back at Kampung Kolapis, Beluran since Aisyah's grandpa Hj. Othman is the Imaam there. The 'qurban' ceremony was done a day earlier. Aisyah's dad bought one big 'sapi' for Aisyah.

Earlier that morning, Aisyah's male cousins; Walid and Ikmal; performed their 'berkhatan' ceremony. It was quite a busy morning for everybody.

Initially both Rashid and I prefer to perfom Aisyah's aqiqah on the 7th day after she was born, but we changed our mind after consulting the elders in the family.

On behalf of Aisyah's parents, we would love to thank those who had came for the ceremony. May Allah blesses everyone.

This is Atuk Hj.Othman (Ayah's dad)

This is Datuk Hj. Ahmad (Ibu's dad)

                                                           This is Ateh Sonia

May with this aqiqah, both of us, Aisyah's Ayah and Ibu; had performed one small part in raising Aisyah as a  true muslimah. May Allah's grace, love and mercy showers Aisyah throughout her life. Amin..

Ibu Aisyah

*** Ateh (tagalog) = big sister / kakak

Friday, November 26, 2010

To tell or not to tell..

Am still not sure whether to inform others about my blog. Reason to have this blog at the first place is to write on Aisyah's development, av no intention of sharing Aisyah's stories with others.

Perhaps when Aisyah is a bit older, then i change my mind..


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's been 57 days


Aisyah is doing well though she can be quite cranky and moody especially when getting her ready to sleep.

Been reading articles on babies' monthly development. Alhamdulillah, Aisyah is developing so well. Aisyah loves to make sound and coo-ing when I'm around her, I believe she's telling me her stories and when she does, I always talk back to her! Daughter-and-mother talking sometimes can last for 10 minutes! And we both do it 3 times a day.

Aisyah's most fav activities of the day is taking shower! Oh, i'm telling you, she loves it. She loves it when i took-off her clothes and she begins kicking. When i shampoo-ed her hair, she talks and smiles and coo-ing! The best part for her is when i put her in the tub. She kicks and smiles and smiles and kicks! making me find it hard to stabilize her position in my hand to bath her!

Another her best moment of the day is when i lotion her whole body. She stays quite and coo-ing softly. I believe she loves the 'massage-my-whole-body-please-mum' activity. And the best part after taking shower and being put-on clothes will be her 'exercise-minute' with mum! I have introduced Aisyah to the very basic of exercise. I always start with her legs and end up with her hands. Gosh, she loves it too much and it always made her kicking and smiling!

Aisyah loves listening to soothing music. Hubby and I bought her a musical instrument hang on her cot-spring when Aisyah was just 5-weeks-old (purpose; 'experimentation'). We both discovered that she was amused with the toy's shape and it's movements (mum's experiment turns out well!) and yes, she was definitely love the music!

As for her feeding time, Aisyah drinks a lot! I guess she wants to grow up fast, so I don't mind feeding her 24/7 (Aisyah breastfeed all the time). Aisyah only drinks her formula once in two/three days.

Aisyah poo twice daily - once in the morning ad once in the evening.

Aisyah loves to be in her cloth diapers. When she does, she sleeps soundly and comfortably. (Luckily i have hired a maid just to wash her diapers and clothes and to help me doing the house chores!

As for Aisyah's sleeping time, she loves to be fed and falls asleep curled on my chest. Sometimes, when I nurse her to sleep, she will pull off and look into my eyes and grin, I think she knows I'm her mom!

Will continue writing on Aisyah's progress and development. Will write more on my next entry.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On the third day after a baby is born, mothers are encouraged to go to the nearest clinic/hospital to check on their baby's physical health; mostly checking on jaundice. Most babies are born with jaundise, matter of high or low bilirubin.

Hubby and I did just that. Just like any child, Aisyah was confirmed with it but with very low number. Thou with a very small reading, I was advised to always breastfeed Aisyah. My auntie Melinda advised me to breastfeed Aisyah every two hours, even when the baby is sleeping, I was told to wake her up and feed. I did what I was told. Alhamdulillah, everything went okay and after two weeks, then only Aisyah was confirmed free from it.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's been 23 days

At this moment, I believe that having a child is both joy and blessing from Allah (I thank Allah everyday for this gift). Ask anyone who has been blessed with a child or more, they will tell us that children bring so much happiness to their home.

Of course, with every beautiful blessing, there is always big responsibilities and duties we have to perform, be it towards the gift given or towards Allah who has given us so much in this world. I myself, and hubby are no strangers with this fact - we both realize there's so much for us to do in order to raise Aisyah. Not only we are responsible for her healthy physical growth, we are also responsible for her emotional and most importantly her spiritual growth.

As a first-time parents, hubby and I have to learn and ask a lot and read a lot!

There's always joy picture in both of our faces but no doubt, there's a big hole of 'worriedness' buried deep inside us!


Aisyah instead of Ayeesha

On the day Aisyah was born, hubby and I had decided to name her Ayeesha. When my Auntie Sitti knew about it, she immediately phoned me and told me her story. Told hubby about it and we agreed to name her Aisyah. Initially, it was just Aisyah Zubairah but hubby's father insisted us to put Siti.

I have always admired Rasulullah's wife, Siti Aisyah. I believe she was a beautiful, intelligent, brave woman of her time. I wanted my daughter to have her qualities one day.

People often say that her name is so common and simple.
And I often told them
'ilham untuk bagi nama anak datangnya dari Allah. Mudah2an nama yg Allah ilhamkan untuk anak kita adalah nama dan hadiah yang terbaik orang tua boleh bagi kepada anaknya. Amin.."


Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been 11 days

Been busy for the last 10 days. Baby Siti Aisyah Zubairah was born on the 27th September 2010, last Monday at 2028pm.

Everything went smooth, Alhamdulillah. Went for a normal labor. Gosh, the pain that I went through was totally beyond words! I just can't simply explain it here. But like I said, everything went well in the end.

Im on my confinement days at my mom's home at the moment, but will be going back to Beluran with hubby this Monday morning. I can't bear to be separated from my hubby after Aisyah is born. Every single day, I miss him much and always crave for his attention.

Will write more later. I just don't have the idea of how to begin all those 10 days that hubby and I had spent with Aisyah. Till then, salam..


Thursday, September 23, 2010

OPOL (One Parent, One Language)

Hubby and I have decided to use both English and B.Melayu at home with Ayeesha; English with Ibu and Malay with Ayah. We figure out that it is better for Ayeesha to be able to acquire and adapt to both languages at an early age since both languages are important later in life. We love to see Ayeesha being able to master both languages at the same time. And from articles that I have read, it is better for both parents to start as early as possible (most prefer since the baby still in mum's tummy).

I find OPOL is a natural approach to introduce Ayeesha to both languages. It saves more time and learning comes natural since Ayeesha will be hearing the languages since she's small. She will be used with both languages and will always associate English language with Ibu and B. Melayu with dad. As for grammar lesson, we believe Ayeesha will learn it 'unconsciously' and even if any errors arise in their communication, they will automatically learn to correct it in a very free-from-stress way.

A friend suggested for hubby and I use only one language at one time, by the time our Ayeesha has perfected her 1st language, then only we introduce her to the 2nd language. I'm not into the idea since I myself is being perfected with this approach. Thou this approach is a success in a way, BUT it took me a long time to be able to use my 2nd language confidently at home and with friends.

Will the child be confused when two languages are used at the same time? From articles that I have read, this will not happen if both parents regularly use their OPOL consistently with the child and the child has the opportunities to use and practice the languages in everyday basis. I'm not so sure about this but again, from my observation, this never happen to a family that I know. The child speaks fluent English with his mother and B.Melayu with his dad.

Most parents that I have observe using OPOL at home find success at the end of the road. Not only the children could master both languages well at home and school, they also happen to be the smart ones in school! They easily absorb lessons in school like sponge and tend to be more independent than their friends who could only master one language at a time (**no recent articles support on this finding)

Using OPOL at home is not as easy as it seems. Both parents have to be responsible with the language that they have chosen. Both must remain consistent with the language not only in helping the child’s language development but as well as any other phases of the child’s development. With these, parents have to get ready, be well prepared and try to come out with many sets of vocabularies to help the child to be able to use both languages in everyday activities.

Hmmmm.. hope our OPOL is a success.

Ibu Ayeesha

What NECESSITIES to bring?

Done with the EXTRAS, now let me focus on the REAL NECESSITIES to bring.

For baby
• Baby towels and receiving blankets ( I have prepared 3 sets each)
• A complete set of baby’s toiletries – baby shampoo, baby bath, baby oil and baby powder. Mine by Johnson & Johnson
• Getting one or two binders for the baby also advisable. People say baby love to be swaddled
• Baby mittens, booties & cap
• 2 sets of nice baby outfits
• Newborn baby diapers – Both cloth and disposable diapers. My mum told me that baby’s first ‘poo’ is dark in color, so disposable diaper is better since we can just throw it straight away. Only after the baby’s first poo & pee, it is advisable to use cloth diapers as it is more economical and healthy for the baby.
• Baby wipes
• Eucalyptus oil

For myself :
• ID cards and all important documentation needed (both bubby and I)
• Kad klinik
• A pack of maxi pads with wings or more
• Disposable underwear
• Loose t-shirts/ blouse, preferable front-buttoned – for ‘nursing’ purposes
• ‘Kain batik’
• Nursing bras
• Jacket, and sweater – To keep warm in the hospital. (Also for confinement periods purposes)
• Toiletries – Shampoo, condition, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and etc
• Towels
• Food, snacks and mineral water – They say after delivery, most mothers tend to feel hungry and thirsty since they had used all their energy in laboring.


What EXTRAS to bring?

After reading lots of articles on labor, am still not aware of what to bring to the hospital. What I have read sounds logic but what real people do in real life is far of more sound and acceptable. I have always reminded myself to be sure to prepare ahead of time by packing both necessities and extra indulgence for the baby and I. In my view, there is no harm in bringing extras as it might give me comfort as this is my 1st experience in labor. I have already prepared the baby’s necessities since two months ago (I was 7 months pregnant then) and just recently prepared my own necessities approximately just yesterday!
I have packed and sorted out different bags for my labor. 1st bag consists of things for the labor and delivery and also things for my journey home with my new bundle of joy (these things might come into 2 bags for some people).  As for my 2nd bag is things for my stay at the maternity ward.
Here is a handy list of extra items (after consulting with some friends and family members) that I’m going to bring to help me through my childbirth as well as my hospital stay.
  • word games/ puzzles to pass the time
  • camera, to snap some memorable pictures in the ward
  • thermos; drinks
  • a pair of socks to keep my feet warm and toasty
  • lip balm to keep lips moisturized
  • a comfortable ‘kaftan’ and an XL size T-shirt with an opening at the front to make breastfeeding easier
  • lappy to update friends and relatives in FB
  • a nursing bra and lots of extra panties
  • a hot water bottle for pain relief
  • tennis balls to squeeze for pain relief or to use as a massage aid (suggested on the net)
  • favorite nourishing snacks or glucose tablets to keep me energized


Monday, August 30, 2010


Slept well last night but kept on breathing to the toilet; normal for pregnant mothers.

This morning, a friend of mine, Katherine sent me an sms telling me that Budi; another friend of mine; dreamt that I gave birth to a baby boy. Katherine seemed eager to know whether I have safely gave labor. Replied her sms and informed her that my baby is only due end of next month, 25th September 2010. I am not yet prepared to tell my friends that I am carrying a baby girl.

Though the doctors had confirmed that I am going to have a baby girl, I have actually prepared a boy's name for my baby, just in case. I have prepared two names for my baby boy (mana la tau kan..); Muhammad Aisy Shafie and Muhammad Aisy Hanafi. Initially i wanted to have Ahmad instead of Muhammad.

This morning baby seemed OK.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

FTT and Surah

Downloaded all Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater months ago. It was a nice feeling to be able to watch my fave FTT over and over again. My all time fave is Jack & The Beanstalk, Hansel & Gretel, Aladdin, The Dancing Princesses, Thumbelina, Cinderella & of course, Snow White.

Decided to convert all FTT to DVD so it will be easy for Ayeesha and I to watch in the future, Insya'Allah.

Watching FTT over again make me realize that this is one way to teach Ayeesha English. Vocabularies used in FTT are suitable for all ages. There are vocabularies which are familiar for young kids as well as adults. Most conversations spoken are very refreshing though it was filmed in early 1980's. Phrases found are very easy to understand, remember and even easy to memorize by young kids! Some are very catchy phrases and might help young kids to use it in everyday conversations.

Apart from wonderful scripts presented, the sets of each episode are beautiful and unique. The costumes, the musics are very beautiful displayed and planned. Not to mention the actors of each episode are very great with their role!

I know it is still very too way early to talk about wanting to watch FTT DVD with Ayeesha, but I just can't stop my curiosity to help her with her language later in life. Hubby and I have decided to use both Bahasa Melayu and English at home. Always Bahasa Melayu with dad and always English with mom. We both have agreed to use OPOL (one Parent One Language) system at home.

Of course, being a muslim, it's my duty as well as hubby to prepare Ayieesha for Islam in her life. Ever since my early pregnancy, I have always made Ayeesha listen to simple Surahs from the Quran by putting my earphone on my tummy. And sometimes, I read it myself each time after prayer, if I find the time. I had completed my 30 juzu'  a month ago and I believe Ayeesha did get to hear most of the surahs, Insya'Allah ( we will never know, but I do hope she had). 


Was OK last night

Slept like a log last night and happy for it. I guess the 'chicken porridge' that I had cooked for breaking my fast made my night. hihihihhi..

Woke up in the  middle of the night and quite surprised it wasn't hard for me to return to my dreams afterwards. Usually, after tons of tears and hundreds of sleeping positions tried, then only I was back to my sleep. But last night was really OK. Alhamdulillah... :)

I guess the chicken porridge is really the cure of my restless nights. More porridge onwards? hmmm... not sure. Chicken porridge yesterday because I need to have a simple diet to feed myself since I have a very mild constipation lately. I hate it when I'm not able to go to the toilet regularly and pass. It worries me a lot. I started to think of all the bad things inside me playing with my lil' baby..uweeekk.. gross!!!!

People often say that a glass of warm milk before bed is OK. Have tried and it only works for me in my early pregnancy but now, NOPE! It just don't work. For me, drinking two glasses of warm milk everyday is to boost my Hb reading and yes to be able to go to the toilet regularly and pass. That's the only reason.

Baby was OK last night, maybe because mom feels OK too. Both had one very beautiful night to share. No cries, no complaints to hubby and that really made my night!

Hopefully tonight will be just the same. Guess, I have to watch what I eat to overcome my sleeping disorder lately though some people believe it was just one of the million symptoms of mother in her 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Hope my baby is all well inside and looking forward for her arrival very soon.. May Allah bless both of us and may everything turns out well.

"Dear Allah, I know this will not be easy. But please let the baby and I get through all of this with ease and triumph. There are times I doubt the pain that I will endure when labor comes, but I know You will always be there to help your servant. Help me and bless my baby and I with beautiful health and may both of us be the great servant of Yours here and after. May the baby is great service to You, Islam, her parents, family and society everyday. Bless her with your love and may she always be in the good sides of all situations. Ameen"


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restless Night

Feeling restless and angry were what I felt last night on bed. I couldn't sleep, it was very hard for me to sleep and it's been two nights. I was angry with hubby and blame everything on him and tears came out. There were moment I thought of giving up, the burden of carrying the beautiful one inside me is too much to carry, I feel tired every now and then and most of the time I feel very heavy, too heavy that it makes me hard to lift myself up to do house chores.

After tremendous hundreds of complaints on my mind, then I realized I was wrong. I took a deep breath and tried to relax myself on bed. I recite 'Salawat Nabi' slowly and kept telling myself that everything is going to be okay. After few gentle rubs on my tummy and Salawat Nabi, I started to feel fine on bed. I kept on reciting few Surahs from the Quran and all complaints and pains I had earlier seemed to be disappeared.

Getting pregnant is not as easy as people see. The pain that mothers have to endure can't be described in words. This is something that every fathers will not understand.

Being a first timer, I hope everything will turn out fine for hubby and I.


Beautiful names

Had a discussion with hubby last night on our baby girl's name. The discussion popped out since I kept on asking whether 'Ayisha' is more suitable than 'Aisyah'. I have always wanted to call our baby Aisyah as far as I could remember, but decided to change it since our neighbour who had just gave birth months ago named their daughter Aisyah too. I just don't like the idea of two lil' girls growing up in the same neighbourhood sharing the same name.

Hubby for the very first time voiced out his concern and suggested 'Nadia Nabilah' for our girl's name. It's a beautiful name I said, but I insist to have Ayisha@Aisyah to our baby's name.

After quite some times, Ayisha Nabila seemed to be on my mind but I'm not too sure about it. hmmm...


Friday, August 27, 2010

Unsettling dreams

For the past few nights, I have not been sleeping well. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling restless and worried. Weird dreams, weird characters, kept appearing in my dreams. These never happened before as far as I could recall.

Most articles say that, it's normal for a pregnant mother of week 36 and above to dream as such. It's just one way to release all worried and uncomfortable feeling of looking forward for the labor day; most 1st time mothers experience this; so I don't have to worry, I keep telling myself.

Apart of having the unsettling dreams almost every night, I also find it hard to breath sometimes at times specially when I have prepared myself to sleep. Also, the weight on my tummy sometimes makes me hard to stand after getting myself  sitting comfortably on the floor.

Being in my 36 weeks, I am excited and looking forward for the arrival of our new member but there's no way I can hide my worries when the big day comes! I kept telling this to hubby almost every night before sleep. 

With a mere of 28 more days to go, hubby and I are looking forward for the baby to arrive and yes, we have lots of plan for the baby.

Having this blog dedicated for our baby girl is one of the plan. We purposely start the blog at my week 36 to capture all exciting and beautiful worries of having the beautiful one in weeks to come. As all can read, we have decided to name our baby 'Ayisha Zubairah' (Life, vivaciousness / Smart, intelligent) and will be called Ayisha in her everyday name.

Ibu Ayeesha Zubairah (Sheera)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 36

I am now in my 36 weeks of pregnancy.

There's lots of things that I am worried about at the moment.

Let us all hope that everything will be alright.

And yeas, the doctors have confirmed; it's going to be a baby girl. It's such a relief to know since I always wanted a girl to be my first born child. Alhamdulillah... and I do hope the doctors are right!

IbuAyeesha Zubairah