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Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Year 2015

Nothing much to say, Aisyah is now 4.5  years old... And guess what????? She has 2 other siblings; Muhammad Yusuf and Muhammad. Yusuf is 2.7 years old as for the youngest, he is now 4 months.

Continue later okay..

Got meeting now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She did it by herself!

Two days ago, I fed Aisyah as usual in the afternoon. What surprised me was, she took the spoon from my hand and tried to feed herself with it. To encourage her, I let go of the spoon. She took the spoon, dug out her porridge from the bowl that i was holding and put it inside her mouth. Yeah!!! I let her do the new activity (as Aisyah believed it was) for a couple of minutes.

Nothing excites me more than seeing Aisyah feed herself and enjoying it!

Later, the following morning, as I was combing her curly hair after bath, again, she wanted to do the new activity by herself. I let go of the comb, she took it and then she brushed her hair with it. Glad to have seen her do it!

Aisyah is still breastfeeding by the way. Thank you Allah!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have started working a month ago at SMK Taman Fajar as their English teacher. I am teaching the whole form 1 classes except form 1E. I am also in-charged in teaching the 3D &3E's English failure.

Work is ok since i am very passionate on the profession, but worries me a lota t teh time being is Aisyah. Though she is adapting so well when I am not around at home, but deep inside, I am quite sad to leave her at home when I had never actually left her in my months with her before I started working.

Aisyah is still breastfeeding. Only when I'm at school she will get her water and porridge to relieve her hunger. We had tried so many times in giving her the formulas but she refused it. Luckily, I am working in the afternoon session which means, I have 6 hours in the morning to be with her, to feed and to breastfeed. Even better, the school is just 5 minutes away from my mum's place. All in all, Aisyah is left without milk for 6 hours... hmmm...

That's all for now,..

Aisyah's mom

Monday, August 1, 2011

Aisyah is 10 month now

Salam Ramdhan to all..

Aisyah is 10 month 1 week now. How time flies... hmmm

Aisyah has started walking a month ago. Now, she is learning how to run with her small beautiful steps.. Alhamdulillah..Some neighbours were impressed with Aisyah's development. They believe Aisyah is way too fast to be able to walk on her own at her age. When asked, I told them; "Bapa Aisyah dan saya, tidak belikan dia baby walker. Mungkin sebab tu dia cepat. Waktu dia sdh boleh buat small steps, kami galakkan dia naik tangga dengan pemerhatian orang dewasa, of course. Sekarang ni Aisyah tangah belajar berlari pulak. Caranya very simple. We run all over the house. Kadang2  malu jugak kalau jiran nampak bermain macam budak2, but as mother, it's the best way to teach our own child'..

As for her speech development, Aisyah memang quite a chatter box. If I scold her cousins, dia pun ikut2 juga marah. When I looked down at her, memang funny to see her that way. But I don't mind, mungkin she's trying to imitate me. Even when grown-ups at home conversed, she'll be joining in. She talks and talks and talks.

As for her reading development, her favorite books are Mimi The Mouse and What Time Is It Peter Rabbit? Every day I read it for her without fail. Glad that she is into books.

Apart from that, she is also very much into watching Baby Tv on channel 618. Her favorites are; Charlie & The Numbers, The Mice Builders, Hokey Pokey Dance, Where is Grandpa, The Birthday song, Lily & Pepper, Emma's Theatre, Kenny & Gorie and Popiz. Well, she loves the others as well but not as much as these. When her faves showed, she dances to the music.. hahahaha

Hmmmm... what else ah? Oh yeah, she is into spiritual fave as well. She can't sleep without we playing her the three MUST SURAH to play on; surah Al-Baqarah, Yaasin, Ar-Rahman. Hopefully she'll memorize it subcontiously, Amin..

As a mother I'm glad taht Aisyah has turned up to be a beautiful girl inside and out. May Allah always protect her and May all good, wonderful and happy things come to her everyday without fail. And may all that come and see her, will love her tenderly.

Aisyah's Mom

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another 'for quite sometimes...'

Alhamdulillah... here i am today to write few lines on Aisyah's growth.

Well, after another 'quite sometimes..' , Aisyah is developing very well indeed. She has started with her solids just couple of weeks ago. As for today, she is having her porridge together with a bit of carrots and pear. Hubby had bought us new slow cooker last week when we were in KK for a very short 'finishing-up-business set up'. The slow cooker works well for us. Aisyah tends to eat more of her porridge since I no longer have to blend it in our purple blender.. muahahahahaha..

Aisyah has just started knowing to know how to call for attention; she cries and would shout ah-ah, eh-eh when she wants to be accompanied or play with her. Hubby and I are very happy indeed with the progress.

Recently, I have found a very informative blog that tells me more about rsising a child in a very Islamic way. Thanks Allah for guiding me and help me stumble upon 'DarwishnDarwisya'. What makes it even great, I had the opportunities to write and exchange ideas with DarwishnDarwisya's mother; Lina Karim; on a mail. She is very supportive and each questions ask would be reply ASAP.

Hubby and I have always put our main priorities on Aisyah's well-being. We both try our very best to set a very good example for Aisyah to copy at the end of the day.

I guess that's all for now... will write more, Insya'Allah


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After quite sometimes...

It's been months that I had wrote my last entry.

Aisyah is 168 days 'young' today. She's doing fine and has started eating solid food about two weeks ago. Her first meal was porridge with carrot.

I guess that's all for now. Will write more and posted Aisyah's latest pictures her.


Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year 2010

Aisyah is 95 days 'young' today, 31st December 2010. She's progressing well.

Last Monday, on the 27th Dec, Aisyah went for her third shot! All went well, Alhamdulillah.

Let me do some check-up on Aisyah's development.. hmm.. being a 3-months-old baby, she has/ can
  • doubles her birth weight ( born with 3.65, now she is 6.2kg)
  • support her weight on both arms as she lifts her chest and head from the floor. She loves when dad put her on her tummy, she would coo and squeals loud
  • sit up with support (unsupported? takut pula mo cuba, nantila..)
  • follow objects/ people with her eyes (especially mom and dad!)
  • turn her head in the direction of music, people calling her name, noises
  • squeal, gurgle, coo when we talk or sing to her.. She talks a lot! Sometimes, when she sees people talking with each other, she always answer them back excited!  Oh yes, her favorite nursery ryhmes for the time being is 'Genius Aisyah' adapted from 'Simple Simon' ( I just changed the name)
  • blow bubbles and always play with it.( berliur ba,  kdg2 basah bajunya)
  • do mini push-ups
  • rolls-over to her sides (currently she's trying to roll-over form tummy to back)
  • smile and laugh
  • response to touches. Aisyah is one fussy girl, if people carries her from her back by not letting her see their face (trying to fool her la tu konon), she will cry hard if the person  is not mom or dad or people that she is used to! 
  • response to people. She doesn't want to be carried by people she is not used to! She smiles and laughs at them but not carry her! 
Mom and dad find hard times at Kampung Kolapis for Aisyah is not used with her other families there. Aisyah could only stay for few seconds on their arms and then starts crying for mom and dad!

It's a different story when Aisyah at Taman Rimba. She mingles quite well. Mom could leave her long enough to do her chores.

I guess that's all about her progress at the moment that I can think of. Will write more on my next entry!