Aisyah's Mom & Dad say, "Parenting is a process..."

Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year 2010

Aisyah is 95 days 'young' today, 31st December 2010. She's progressing well.

Last Monday, on the 27th Dec, Aisyah went for her third shot! All went well, Alhamdulillah.

Let me do some check-up on Aisyah's development.. hmm.. being a 3-months-old baby, she has/ can
  • doubles her birth weight ( born with 3.65, now she is 6.2kg)
  • support her weight on both arms as she lifts her chest and head from the floor. She loves when dad put her on her tummy, she would coo and squeals loud
  • sit up with support (unsupported? takut pula mo cuba, nantila..)
  • follow objects/ people with her eyes (especially mom and dad!)
  • turn her head in the direction of music, people calling her name, noises
  • squeal, gurgle, coo when we talk or sing to her.. She talks a lot! Sometimes, when she sees people talking with each other, she always answer them back excited!  Oh yes, her favorite nursery ryhmes for the time being is 'Genius Aisyah' adapted from 'Simple Simon' ( I just changed the name)
  • blow bubbles and always play with it.( berliur ba,  kdg2 basah bajunya)
  • do mini push-ups
  • rolls-over to her sides (currently she's trying to roll-over form tummy to back)
  • smile and laugh
  • response to touches. Aisyah is one fussy girl, if people carries her from her back by not letting her see their face (trying to fool her la tu konon), she will cry hard if the person  is not mom or dad or people that she is used to! 
  • response to people. She doesn't want to be carried by people she is not used to! She smiles and laughs at them but not carry her! 
Mom and dad find hard times at Kampung Kolapis for Aisyah is not used with her other families there. Aisyah could only stay for few seconds on their arms and then starts crying for mom and dad!

It's a different story when Aisyah at Taman Rimba. She mingles quite well. Mom could leave her long enough to do her chores.

I guess that's all about her progress at the moment that I can think of. Will write more on my next entry!


Mom and Dad

Rashid and I were quite surprise the other day! No need for me to mention it here what happened!

So, we both decided, it is going to be 'Mom and Dad' for us.

I'm sure no more surprises this time..

Who would have thought they would use our 'previous' term when they had their own already... ish! ish!


p.s: sounds better!