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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two months 'young'

I guess this is Aisyah's official pictures on this blog!

Aisyah turned-up two months 'YOUNG' yesterday!Yiiipiiee.. Alhamdulillah..

Aisyah really looks like her ayah. I say, 'Daddy's girl' ba dia ni..


Aisyah's Aqiqah

There were not many pictures taken on  Aisyah's Aqiqah day last week, 17th November 2010. Both of Aisyah's grand-dad performed the ceremony. Grandpa Hj. Othman lead the ceremony, followed by Grandpa Hj. Ahmad and the rest. It was a huge ceremony back at Kampung Kolapis, Beluran since Aisyah's grandpa Hj. Othman is the Imaam there. The 'qurban' ceremony was done a day earlier. Aisyah's dad bought one big 'sapi' for Aisyah.

Earlier that morning, Aisyah's male cousins; Walid and Ikmal; performed their 'berkhatan' ceremony. It was quite a busy morning for everybody.

Initially both Rashid and I prefer to perfom Aisyah's aqiqah on the 7th day after she was born, but we changed our mind after consulting the elders in the family.

On behalf of Aisyah's parents, we would love to thank those who had came for the ceremony. May Allah blesses everyone.

This is Atuk Hj.Othman (Ayah's dad)

This is Datuk Hj. Ahmad (Ibu's dad)

                                                           This is Ateh Sonia

May with this aqiqah, both of us, Aisyah's Ayah and Ibu; had performed one small part in raising Aisyah as a  true muslimah. May Allah's grace, love and mercy showers Aisyah throughout her life. Amin..

Ibu Aisyah

*** Ateh (tagalog) = big sister / kakak

Friday, November 26, 2010

To tell or not to tell..

Am still not sure whether to inform others about my blog. Reason to have this blog at the first place is to write on Aisyah's development, av no intention of sharing Aisyah's stories with others.

Perhaps when Aisyah is a bit older, then i change my mind..


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's been 57 days


Aisyah is doing well though she can be quite cranky and moody especially when getting her ready to sleep.

Been reading articles on babies' monthly development. Alhamdulillah, Aisyah is developing so well. Aisyah loves to make sound and coo-ing when I'm around her, I believe she's telling me her stories and when she does, I always talk back to her! Daughter-and-mother talking sometimes can last for 10 minutes! And we both do it 3 times a day.

Aisyah's most fav activities of the day is taking shower! Oh, i'm telling you, she loves it. She loves it when i took-off her clothes and she begins kicking. When i shampoo-ed her hair, she talks and smiles and coo-ing! The best part for her is when i put her in the tub. She kicks and smiles and smiles and kicks! making me find it hard to stabilize her position in my hand to bath her!

Another her best moment of the day is when i lotion her whole body. She stays quite and coo-ing softly. I believe she loves the 'massage-my-whole-body-please-mum' activity. And the best part after taking shower and being put-on clothes will be her 'exercise-minute' with mum! I have introduced Aisyah to the very basic of exercise. I always start with her legs and end up with her hands. Gosh, she loves it too much and it always made her kicking and smiling!

Aisyah loves listening to soothing music. Hubby and I bought her a musical instrument hang on her cot-spring when Aisyah was just 5-weeks-old (purpose; 'experimentation'). We both discovered that she was amused with the toy's shape and it's movements (mum's experiment turns out well!) and yes, she was definitely love the music!

As for her feeding time, Aisyah drinks a lot! I guess she wants to grow up fast, so I don't mind feeding her 24/7 (Aisyah breastfeed all the time). Aisyah only drinks her formula once in two/three days.

Aisyah poo twice daily - once in the morning ad once in the evening.

Aisyah loves to be in her cloth diapers. When she does, she sleeps soundly and comfortably. (Luckily i have hired a maid just to wash her diapers and clothes and to help me doing the house chores!

As for Aisyah's sleeping time, she loves to be fed and falls asleep curled on my chest. Sometimes, when I nurse her to sleep, she will pull off and look into my eyes and grin, I think she knows I'm her mom!

Will continue writing on Aisyah's progress and development. Will write more on my next entry.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On the third day after a baby is born, mothers are encouraged to go to the nearest clinic/hospital to check on their baby's physical health; mostly checking on jaundice. Most babies are born with jaundise, matter of high or low bilirubin.

Hubby and I did just that. Just like any child, Aisyah was confirmed with it but with very low number. Thou with a very small reading, I was advised to always breastfeed Aisyah. My auntie Melinda advised me to breastfeed Aisyah every two hours, even when the baby is sleeping, I was told to wake her up and feed. I did what I was told. Alhamdulillah, everything went okay and after two weeks, then only Aisyah was confirmed free from it.