Aisyah's Mom & Dad say, "Parenting is a process..."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's been 23 days

At this moment, I believe that having a child is both joy and blessing from Allah (I thank Allah everyday for this gift). Ask anyone who has been blessed with a child or more, they will tell us that children bring so much happiness to their home.

Of course, with every beautiful blessing, there is always big responsibilities and duties we have to perform, be it towards the gift given or towards Allah who has given us so much in this world. I myself, and hubby are no strangers with this fact - we both realize there's so much for us to do in order to raise Aisyah. Not only we are responsible for her healthy physical growth, we are also responsible for her emotional and most importantly her spiritual growth.

As a first-time parents, hubby and I have to learn and ask a lot and read a lot!

There's always joy picture in both of our faces but no doubt, there's a big hole of 'worriedness' buried deep inside us!


Aisyah instead of Ayeesha

On the day Aisyah was born, hubby and I had decided to name her Ayeesha. When my Auntie Sitti knew about it, she immediately phoned me and told me her story. Told hubby about it and we agreed to name her Aisyah. Initially, it was just Aisyah Zubairah but hubby's father insisted us to put Siti.

I have always admired Rasulullah's wife, Siti Aisyah. I believe she was a beautiful, intelligent, brave woman of her time. I wanted my daughter to have her qualities one day.

People often say that her name is so common and simple.
And I often told them
'ilham untuk bagi nama anak datangnya dari Allah. Mudah2an nama yg Allah ilhamkan untuk anak kita adalah nama dan hadiah yang terbaik orang tua boleh bagi kepada anaknya. Amin.."


Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been 11 days

Been busy for the last 10 days. Baby Siti Aisyah Zubairah was born on the 27th September 2010, last Monday at 2028pm.

Everything went smooth, Alhamdulillah. Went for a normal labor. Gosh, the pain that I went through was totally beyond words! I just can't simply explain it here. But like I said, everything went well in the end.

Im on my confinement days at my mom's home at the moment, but will be going back to Beluran with hubby this Monday morning. I can't bear to be separated from my hubby after Aisyah is born. Every single day, I miss him much and always crave for his attention.

Will write more later. I just don't have the idea of how to begin all those 10 days that hubby and I had spent with Aisyah. Till then, salam..