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Monday, August 1, 2011

Aisyah is 10 month now

Salam Ramdhan to all..

Aisyah is 10 month 1 week now. How time flies... hmmm

Aisyah has started walking a month ago. Now, she is learning how to run with her small beautiful steps.. Alhamdulillah..Some neighbours were impressed with Aisyah's development. They believe Aisyah is way too fast to be able to walk on her own at her age. When asked, I told them; "Bapa Aisyah dan saya, tidak belikan dia baby walker. Mungkin sebab tu dia cepat. Waktu dia sdh boleh buat small steps, kami galakkan dia naik tangga dengan pemerhatian orang dewasa, of course. Sekarang ni Aisyah tangah belajar berlari pulak. Caranya very simple. We run all over the house. Kadang2  malu jugak kalau jiran nampak bermain macam budak2, but as mother, it's the best way to teach our own child'..

As for her speech development, Aisyah memang quite a chatter box. If I scold her cousins, dia pun ikut2 juga marah. When I looked down at her, memang funny to see her that way. But I don't mind, mungkin she's trying to imitate me. Even when grown-ups at home conversed, she'll be joining in. She talks and talks and talks.

As for her reading development, her favorite books are Mimi The Mouse and What Time Is It Peter Rabbit? Every day I read it for her without fail. Glad that she is into books.

Apart from that, she is also very much into watching Baby Tv on channel 618. Her favorites are; Charlie & The Numbers, The Mice Builders, Hokey Pokey Dance, Where is Grandpa, The Birthday song, Lily & Pepper, Emma's Theatre, Kenny & Gorie and Popiz. Well, she loves the others as well but not as much as these. When her faves showed, she dances to the music.. hahahaha

Hmmmm... what else ah? Oh yeah, she is into spiritual fave as well. She can't sleep without we playing her the three MUST SURAH to play on; surah Al-Baqarah, Yaasin, Ar-Rahman. Hopefully she'll memorize it subcontiously, Amin..

As a mother I'm glad taht Aisyah has turned up to be a beautiful girl inside and out. May Allah always protect her and May all good, wonderful and happy things come to her everyday without fail. And may all that come and see her, will love her tenderly.

Aisyah's Mom

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