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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another 'for quite sometimes...'

Alhamdulillah... here i am today to write few lines on Aisyah's growth.

Well, after another 'quite sometimes..' , Aisyah is developing very well indeed. She has started with her solids just couple of weeks ago. As for today, she is having her porridge together with a bit of carrots and pear. Hubby had bought us new slow cooker last week when we were in KK for a very short 'finishing-up-business set up'. The slow cooker works well for us. Aisyah tends to eat more of her porridge since I no longer have to blend it in our purple blender.. muahahahahaha..

Aisyah has just started knowing to know how to call for attention; she cries and would shout ah-ah, eh-eh when she wants to be accompanied or play with her. Hubby and I are very happy indeed with the progress.

Recently, I have found a very informative blog that tells me more about rsising a child in a very Islamic way. Thanks Allah for guiding me and help me stumble upon 'DarwishnDarwisya'. What makes it even great, I had the opportunities to write and exchange ideas with DarwishnDarwisya's mother; Lina Karim; on a mail. She is very supportive and each questions ask would be reply ASAP.

Hubby and I have always put our main priorities on Aisyah's well-being. We both try our very best to set a very good example for Aisyah to copy at the end of the day.

I guess that's all for now... will write more, Insya'Allah


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