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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have started working a month ago at SMK Taman Fajar as their English teacher. I am teaching the whole form 1 classes except form 1E. I am also in-charged in teaching the 3D &3E's English failure.

Work is ok since i am very passionate on the profession, but worries me a lota t teh time being is Aisyah. Though she is adapting so well when I am not around at home, but deep inside, I am quite sad to leave her at home when I had never actually left her in my months with her before I started working.

Aisyah is still breastfeeding. Only when I'm at school she will get her water and porridge to relieve her hunger. We had tried so many times in giving her the formulas but she refused it. Luckily, I am working in the afternoon session which means, I have 6 hours in the morning to be with her, to feed and to breastfeed. Even better, the school is just 5 minutes away from my mum's place. All in all, Aisyah is left without milk for 6 hours... hmmm...

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Aisyah's mom

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