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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She did it by herself!

Two days ago, I fed Aisyah as usual in the afternoon. What surprised me was, she took the spoon from my hand and tried to feed herself with it. To encourage her, I let go of the spoon. She took the spoon, dug out her porridge from the bowl that i was holding and put it inside her mouth. Yeah!!! I let her do the new activity (as Aisyah believed it was) for a couple of minutes.

Nothing excites me more than seeing Aisyah feed herself and enjoying it!

Later, the following morning, as I was combing her curly hair after bath, again, she wanted to do the new activity by herself. I let go of the comb, she took it and then she brushed her hair with it. Glad to have seen her do it!

Aisyah is still breastfeeding by the way. Thank you Allah!


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